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Blehhhh [Dropping]

Well, it's finally come right down to the decision.

I've gotta drop my characters. I really just don't have time to come back from hiatus ever again and it's not fair to others who might want to take the characters on that I have. Soooooo..... yeahhhhh.... I'm gonna delete my character journals for all of my characters. I rather wish I didn't have to. I've had lots of fun playing Sakura hime_neru, Naruto swirlyfish_cake, Lee drunken_lotus, and Subaru fated_onmyouji

But alas, school, work... real life. It must come first.

I hope the friends I made while here will stay in touch!!! And have fun!!!



Could everyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REMOVE my mun journal, eerisedda from their character flists. It would be greatly appreciated.


I so fail (Dropping)

I'm sorry to say it, as I honestly love everyone here, but I've got to drop out completely.

TT_TT Yeah, it's probably harder on me than anyone. TT_TT

Truth is, I've been contemplating doing this since December, but I decided to give the community a second chance and try to get back into it, and I still feel the same as I did then. My muses, with the exception of Fuji, are tired, and I'm stretching myself too far between here, Taedium, and real life.

I'll still be available over AIM for RP and/or chatting @ moon volley 24. And if anyone here is interested in friending my personal LJ (who hasn't already), either leave a comment with your personal journal here saying you'd be interested, or leave a comment to the Friends Only post in my personal LJ stating that you are from Rizu. :3

Again, I'm sorry, but it would be greatly appreciated if everyone would de-friend Oishi (o_moon_volley_o), Yugi (duel_strategist), and Fuji (tsubamegaeshi_x).

Hopefully, I'll be seeing at least some of you at Otakon!

~ Meg


ohay, so, I totally forgot to do this before.

I've dropped both Marluxia (holy flowerfag batman) and Sora (how many Soras does it take to--hey a squirrel!). The muses, unfortunately, were stagnating and dragging me down. After much internal debating and the like, I decided it was for the best.

I am not leaving though, as I still have Linali and Mitsuru.

So yeah, defriend those guys please.

Stay classy RY! ♥



please for the love of gods do the friends remove people.

please remove the following: Albel/crimsoncruelty, Link/warriortwilight
Kantaro/tacticianswords, and Chrono/slaveoftime!!!

thank you


Hey you guys. I'm sure most of you are aware that there's some Russian-based viruses going around. We need to watch out for this since the bots have friended a good deal of current and ex community members.

You can find information about what the post looks like HERE. Basically, if it says that because of tragedy we won't be using LJ for the comm anymore, do NOT click on any of the links in the post. Instead, immediately contact Steph, Sena, Mari, or myself and let us deal with it.



I'm going to put this out there but has anyone else been awkwardly added by:


And have no relation to them what-so-ever and they're just creepily watching our journals? I bring it up here because they seem to be adding members from the comm and the lj's aren't exactly in the comm.

Or is it just me?

Introduction Post

Ah ha ha ha... I really fail at these sort of things. But, uh, hi? 8Da

This is really the first LJ sort of RPing I have ever attempted, so I might be a wee bit slow in understanding what's going on. I'm going to try my best though. :)

Uh so...


It's been wild RY, but I honestly think it's time to go. Making this post makes me feel like the biggest douchebag ever right now, I blame RP!S for that XDD though I'm honestly flattered whoever the anon is. Really! Thank you so much! It was just sorta badly timed as I planned to do this today... right when that secret is posted.

So yes, as much as I'm really flattered and that secret almost made me think twice... I just need to go. I've been holding back doing this for months. Though I'm sure some of you realized this back then, my activity went to the shitter, and I should have quit back then but I held on.

I've loved all that I've done here. It's helped me get back into RPing and I think made me a better RPer as a whole.

Thank you RY for the fun times~!



Priorities? What are those? XP

Since I currently don't know what's going on with my mental health, the best I can do is to try to get my my priorities straight not that I'm really capable of that. Until I can see my psychologist, and hopefully come to some sort of conclusion as to what's up, I'll be taking a break from RPing for the most part - I'll still be available for random RPs over AIM, but that's about it. I'm hoping this is only temporary, but it's been nearly a week since the problem started.

Also, school has been kicking my butt, so expect me to be really slow until when the semester ends in late May, if the RP's around that long.

This hiatus affects Oishi, Fuji, and Yugi.

~ Meg


(yes, you know you love my icon. love it.)

hokay well i am officially back and off of hiatus now; but in reality we all know that my lame-ass will still be lazy after work as usual♥

this is me bringing Itachi, Tseng, Tsuzuki, Alex, and Atem back to life

and, i know it probably doesn't mean much but i might be taking a permanent hiatus. no, this isn't because of something that happened in RP, OOC, or anything else having to do with this community. this isn't as strange thing; i usually do run out of steam for RP after playing for a while. and keeping up with communities when you're never on that much is pretty crazy.
either this, or most of my characters are saying bye-bye. which would be a much tougher decision since i love my characters to pieces, even if i'm not really active with any of them T^T ..alternatively.. i might be bringing another character in at an attempt to stifle in inactivity. > >;; Anyone know who Yagami Iori is?

but yus. we shall see, yes?